Updated Feb 14, 2022

Communication with Staff & Ambassadors

You must have a Discord account that is connected to the XSET Discord before applying. You will receive instructions, if accepted, to connect your Discord Account to the Rep Program to receive the XSET Rep role in the XSET Discord.

You must use these channels to communicate with the Rep Program Staff, as well as participating in any meetings or orientations you are invited to.

Tangible Social Media Presence

All prospective Reps must have a tangible social media presence. You are required to have a following to be considered for the Rep Program, as you will be expected to make minimum sales goals through your community. Your social media accounts must be active.

All of your social media accounts must be following the XSET social media accounts.

All of your social media accounts must be in line with the XSET Rep Program Terms.

Brand Affiliation

You as an XSET Rep will be required to make sales of our product to be considered an active member of the XSET Rep Program. Therefore, we will not accept anyone who is currently affiliated with another Apparel or Gaming Lifestyle company, as it may cause a conflict of interest.

You may be affiliated with other companies that are unlike XSET.

Achieve Sale Goals

You are required to make a minimum of 2 sales per month with a total of at least $100.00 USD, this includes any sales you make using your own code.

Failure to reach sale goals will automatically lock your account, preventing you from exchanging your points. You may still participate as a Rep if your account locks, and once you make your sale goals, your account will be unlocked.